Wow, one week after picking up my book from the printers and I’m starting my speaking career tomorrow morning. Doug and Julie Bannister from Key Business Network (KBN) were kind enough to ask me to speak at their 6 business breakfast meetings across Brisbane. It’s all very exciting.

I spoke at a Barter Card event a couple of weeks back as a sort of pre-launch of the book. I’ll be delivering the same talk tomorrow on “customer perceptions” and how you can alter them –  specifically perceptions surrounding flaws. You see, flaws are completely subjective to the person perceiving them. They are also relative – what may seem a BIG flaw to one person may in fact be a little flaw in the eyes of another.

Not only that, beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. Many women think their butts are too big, while many men find large butts attractive. Some men work out in the gym to build muscle to attract women, yet some women are repulsed by overly-muscular men. In my talk I speak about 4 kinds of perceptions you can alter:

  1. The CUSTOMERS perception of YOU
  2. YOUR perception of your CUSTOMERS
  3. YOUR perception of YOURSELF
  4. Your CUSTOMERS perception of THEMSELVES

How do you alter those four perceptions? I guess you’ll just have to read my book, Flawsome, come to a talk of mine, or wait for a blog post about it!