Fresh out of ideas?

Are your marketing materials getting a little stale? We have the perfect ‘pick-me-up’!

A good graphic designer doesn’t just make something good, they help direct attention in a very deliberate and specific way. We take pride in producing work which is fresh and unique, by working with you to really understand your customers motivation to buy.

We’re not all sarcasm and cartoons either, we work with all types from straight-laced corporates to stay-at-home mums selling cup cakes. We base our work on solid design rules with proven results.

Stick to what you know

We love making you look good. So let us work our magic so you can get back to business.

Let’s face it, unless you’re working in marketing and design, that’s not what you got into business for. You’re here because you’re great at what you do and have something special to offer the world. So get back to that and let us work our magic.

Often, clients will send us a word document or email to say, “We need a flyer, here is what needs to go on it – can you please work your magic?”. To which we reply, “Abracadabra…” No fuss, just good design that showcases what you have to offer in the most enticing and brand appropriate way possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions? We’ve got answers! Click on the questions below and all will be revealed. If there’s anything else you’d like to know, give us a buzz – we don’t bite… hard.

Anything! That’s right…. AAAANY THING!! Ok, ok, well maybe not a rocket shuttle or a bionic heart, but anything that can be printed on or is made up of pixels.

As graphic designers we can design anything from business cards to billboards, stationery to signage, restaurant menus to magazine ads, t-shirts, product packaging/labels and the list goes on. We also do all sorts of designs for the web such as banner ads, social media designs and more.

We’ve designed wraps for boats and cars, we’ve done interior and exterior murals. Simply contact us to discuss your project and let’s make some magic happen!

Well, that depends on whether we do a fixed price quote or just work hourly on your project. For jobs under $1000 we will typically provide an estimate and work hourly ($95/hr + GST). Revisions just add to the job total and payment is only required when the job is complete and you’re totally happy.

Alternatively, for peace of mind, we do offer fixed price quoting with unlimited free revisions. We simply estimate the time it takes to complete the project and add 30% to cover revisions and unforeseen difficulties, this option requires upfront payment.

Please contact us for an obligation-free quote.

For graphic design projects we typically provide a high resolution print-ready PDF document or whatever file type is appropriate for the job. We do not provide the original design file for most projects, however Adobe suite file types are available on request for a small additional fee.

Please contact us to find out more.

We work for free fee. Consider us your pricey performing graphic design monkeys – we’ll design whatever you want for $95/hr + GST. That’s what it takes to get us out of bed of a morning.

Something as simple as a business card typically takes about an hour. The general rule of thumb we use for larger designs is 1.5 hours for the first side/page and .5 hours per page/side after that. More intricate designs such as restaurant menus may take something more like 3 hours per page. Work that needs a lot of attention like product packaging or car wraps can take 3-6 hours each.

If you contact us to discuss your project, we can give a better idea of what to expect.