I have to say I’m a little bit excited about this one… a little bit of wee may have come out! Before you judge me. I’m a big boy and wear big boy pants – it was only a little bit of ‘excitement wee’ and that never hurt anyone, anyone I know.

I took deliver of my books from In House Print this morning! WOOOOOOT!!! I didn’t get the final print file to them until just before 12pm and the printed 100 of my books for pickup at 4:20pm. How crazy is that? I’m not saying you can rely on them to do the same for you, I’m just ordering ambien saying they deserve come credit don’t cha think?

Awesome work guys, thank you very much!

Keep your eyes peeled for more as I officially launch the book in the weeks to follow. First I have to get the digital versions (iBook and Kindle) finalised. The PDF eBook version of Flawsome is available now though (Update 05/06/2017: You can now get a copy of the eBook for free!).