About Younique Creation

Younique Creation

Who do you think you are?

About us? Well, my name is Ryan McDonald-Smith and I am the Manager / CEO / Proprietor / Owner / Chief Designer / Executive Director / Guru Shaffari (whichever sounds most impressive) of Younique Creation Web and Print Design. That’s basically a fancy way of saying I’m the one who started this little company.  I’m not going to try and make us out to be some international corporate monolith with a thousand employees. The truth is, we’re a small band of graphic designers and web programmers who work from home, usually just in daggy boxer shorts, robes and slippers unless we’re out with meeting clients (though there was the one time I was in such a rush…)

Really, it’s just little ol’ me

Working from Queensland to service clients both Australia wide and internationally, our total independence and low overheads enable us to offer a high quality product and pass the savings on to you. We operate under the umbrella of branding and how it applies to your website design, logo design, advertising, printing and more.

Can’t you spell ‘unique’?

Short answer? No, not really. I am a pretty lousy speller, but that’s what spell check is for isn’t it? YOUnique  was my GENIUS play on words to put the YOU back into being unique.

We help your business in 3 areas:

1. Memorable

We help your business to STAND OUT and be more memorable. Your business will stick to people’s mind so when they need a service like yours, or they speak to a friend who needs your service, you are the VERY FIRST person they think of.

Younique Creation

2. Connection

The Facebook revolution is just one example of people’s primitive need to feel social connection. With today’s increasing use of technology for social interaction, it’s not hard to notice people’s intense desire to feel connected again. The difference now, more than any other time in history, is people want to connect not just with friends, but connect with businesses and brands on a more personal level. We start by asking targeted questions about your ideal clientèle, and then help you create a visual image which appeals to them on an emotional level.

3. Eclipse Competition

Just STANDING OUT is no-longer enough. With the growing rate of entrepreneurs starting their own businesses, there are now more people who do what you do. We help you to hone in on what specific benefits make you different to your competition. I don’t mean things like ‘honest’, ‘reliable’ and ‘good customer service’. What do these things really mean? Everyone does these things… what really makes YOU different?  Why should your customers care about anything you have to say, all they want to know is what’s in it for them and what SPECIFICALLY makes you better than your competition?

By choosing the right images, colours, shapes and fonts, we can help you to communicate your SPECIFIC most IMPRESSIVE feature so you don’t just appear as another one who does what you do, but as the ONLY one who does what you do.